Lexus Owner's Tour - Queenstown 2016

The Lexus Owner's Tour took place in beautiful Queenstown again with a total of 35 guests enjoying the trip. After some threatening weather on the first night, we were treated to some beautiful days for golf. 

The strategy of easing the guests into the week by starting at Millbrook didn't work for some as they were no doubt a few too many swing thoughts going through some of the guest's minds...that said the winners were Mike Gundy with 37 points and Michelle Hobson with 29. The 2BBB winners not only took out the day but they also took my money! Congratulations to Mike Gundy and Scott Edwards who had 43 points. 

The following day was the best day for golf, weather-wise and that is always good when you are playing the exclusive Hills Golf Course. The pristine condition of the course lead to the best scores of the week with John Buckley shooting 42 points and Michelle Hobson taking out the ladies again with 41 points. The 2BBB was never a contest with Sharon Allan and Michelle Hobson combining for 48 points - 29 of them on the first 9!

Regardless of how your game felt moving into Jacks Point, it was always going to be a difficult day with the wind up and a golf course that likes taking victims. However, Jean Wong had a fantastic 40 points to take out the Ladies section and Barrie Henman took out the Men's with 36. Rod and Julie Smith combined beautifully to win the 2BBB with 44 points. 

After each event a random 6 holes were chosen with the best total after the three games to be declared the winner of the 'Secret Six'. After Millbrook Bronwyn Burnett was a clear leader with 14 points, having the secret six fall nicely for her with a 4 pointer and 3 pointer in the mix. Mike Gundy then took a one shot lead from Bronwyn after picking up 15 points at The Hills.  Jacks Point, however was not kind to Bronwyn or Mike who scored 8 and 10 respectively to be taken over by John Buckley who managed 15 points, including four 3 pointers. The top 10 were as below:

38 - John Buckley

36 - Mike Gundy

33 - Bronwyn Burnett, Adam Topham & Rod Smith

31 - Ben Thompson

29 - Barrie Henman & Scott Edwards

28 - Grahame Allan & Phil Osborne

Thank you all once again for joining Sarah, Jody and I on another great trip. We hope to see you all soon, whether it be on the golf course or another one of our tours. 

Thank you also to those who contributed to the photos below...enjoy!

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