Golf Tours

Gillard Golf have developed great relationships with our clients and their guests over the years - to the point that we are often approached to host golf tours. Due to the heavy corporate golf schedule, Gillard Golf is limited to the number of tours that we can host. That said, you can ensure the tours we offer are to fantastic locations and at great prices - why? Because we have a choice of where to go rather than a requirement to fill tours. 

In 2012 Gillard Golf developed an exclusive tour for Lexus Owner's. This tour has been extremely popular and in 2015 forty one owners attended. 

Our current tours are updated regularly so keep checking back for the latest offers.

Feel free to enquire about a destination you can't see here as we are able to assist with any enquiry via our range of connections in the golf industry. 

Lexus Owner's Queenstown Tour 2015

Take the stress out of your golf day, professional services are a phone call away! Look forward to talking to you soon.