Event Options

Your guests will no doubt attend many golf days in a year - so how can you ensure your event stands out? Some of these event options below can go a long way to guaranteeing a memorable event. 

Jeremy Dale - one of the world's best trick shot artists. Jeremy lives in the UK but is often in Australia from Nov-March. 

VPAR live scoring devices that update every hole - bring tournament golf to your golf day!

Having additional golf professionals to your event can certainly get your guests talking. Whether it be a touring pro or local pro, their ability to hit the great shots and provide invaluable tips can be a great feature of your event.

Ball Speed Radar Gun - guests can guess their ball speed with the closest guess winning a prize. Great fundraiser at charity events. 

Mark Bylsma is a 6 time Australian Long Drive Champion. With an Australian record drive of 401m he can shorten any par 5...

Massage Tent - have 2 massage therapists attend your event and provide each guest with a 3 minute neck and shoulder massage. 

Trackman swing analysis - all the swing speed data your guests could imagine.

Guest Speakers - whether it be a sporting legend or a comedian, guest speakers can be a great way to conclude your event. 

Take the stress out of your golf day, professional services are a phone call away! Look forward to talking to you soon.